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  • Over 400 fields in over 300 metro areas in U.S. and Canada
  • Over 60 types of aircraft with over 100 cabin configurations
    • Single class or multi-class
    • Different seat dimensions
    • Select available entertainment and meal service
  • Continual generation of over 1,000,000 passengers/day
    • Based on real-world travel demand criteria:
      • Metro area population
      • Business and leisure traffic
      • Daily peak/off-peak times
      • Weekly peak/off-peak days
      • Holiday and seasonal demand
    • Passengers book entire itineraries based on a mix of preferences:
      • Lowest Cost
      • Best on-time service
      • Shortest time in-air
      • Earliest arrival time
      • Best comfort
      • Loyalty
  • Control many aspects of the airline management:
    • Strategic Planning
      • Design route system
        • Regional or trans-continental
        • Hub based
        • Point-to-Point
      • Open/close passenger and maintenance facilities
      • Lease airport gate space
      • Purchase or lease aircraft from supplier or other airlines
      • Schedule flights
      • Set individual fares for each flight or route
      • Day-to-day operation
    • Monitor aircraft positions and operation
    • Handle delays due to:
      • Weather
      • Equipment
      • Traffic
    • Extensive reporting
      • Various Report Depths
        • Per flight #
        • Per route
        • System-wide
        • Over various time periods
      • Topics
        • Aircraft load factors
        • Profitability
        • Customer Satisfaction
        • On-time performance
        • Other industry rankings
  • Computer advisors to help point the way
  • Computer assistants to lighten the load
  • True-time compression
    • No “skewed” or “parallel” timelines
    • Various sim speeds ranging from:
    • 1x for those hectic moments
    • 1024x when things are running smoothly
  • Different styles of play
    • Challenging scenarios based on a variety of tasks
    • Campaign play to build an empire
    • “Free market” open play
  • Interactive computer opponents
    • Complex A.I. for computer controlled airlines
    • “Codesharing” partnerships with other computer airlines
    • Play against any or all or take over one to control
  • Complete tutorial explaining topics such as:
    • Basic game play
    • Airline economics
    • Route management strategies
    • Dispatch techniques

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