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2008 AI Programmers’ Dinner – Neil Kirby’s Monologue

Not really all that tasty as an AI bit, but relevant nonetheless. I just uploaded Neil Kirby’s opening of the 2008 AI Programmers’ Dinner at the GDC. There are a couple of notes from it… he talks about the Eric Dybsand Scholorship Fund, thanks the corporate sponsors of the dinner and a few other things.

Sorry it’s so dark, but this was on the still camera and I didn’t have a light on it. Thankfully, as always, he was wearing his “I really am a rocket scientist” lab coat so we can at least see him as some ghostly apparation.

You can also see still shots of the 2008 dinner as well.

A bit later on in the evening, he called for a toast to the memory of Eric Dybsand. I didn’t know it was coming and I had very little space left for video so I didn’t tape it. I sure wish I had. We all miss you bud.

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2 Responses to “2008 AI Programmers’ Dinner – Neil Kirby’s Monologue”

  1. Andrew Armstrong says:

    Pretty good sound, despite everything being black or red (it was really dark there, hehe). Neat you took a video!

  2. Kofman says:

    I really wish I could go back in time and meet Eric at least once.

    Looking forward to next year. Met a lot of great people. Andrew (above), Mark, and many others.

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