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An FPS AI Call To Action

I was pointed to an interesting little observation/rant/commentary on the AI of FPS games on Blogo Profundo. Just a snippet heavily trimmed down to his main points:

I’m no expert here, so maybe one of my forty thousand readers can chime in, but these are just some problems I’ve noticed.

… Over the years, FPS’s have definitely evolved both in graphics and
mission complexity. … One thing that has always been subpar however is the
computer characters’ AI.

… First criticism is that they tend to act as solitary agents, and don’t
usually form up into squads and act tactically like a rifle-team. There’s
no covering fire, there’s no flanking, there’s no suppression and calling in

… Second criticism is that even when they are acting as solitary agents,
they’re dumb as hell. They usually don’t hear you, they don’t make basic
predictions about what you’re likely to do, and they don’t use the terrain to
their advantage.

There’s more to it than that. In fact, he asks some excellent questions of the development community. Certainly, the suggested solutions are a bit simplistic but it does show what I believe is the consensus of our audience… that they are grumpy about our lack of progress and/or dedication to realistic AI.

We hear you, man… we’re working on it!

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4 Responses to “An FPS AI Call To Action”

  1. blogoprofundo says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely no expert and know less than jack s*it regarding AI programming. But it bugs me, man. Better graphics and slick cut-scenes are icing. AI is key to exciting/replayable gaming.

    I don’t know enough about the industry, but maybe the execs think we only care about the icing?

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