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News Flash: Games now have "artificial intelligence"

Ok, we all know that journalists aren’t subject matter experts. That’s fine. However, sometimes they are blatantly uneducated about the stuff they cover… and if you are in whatever biz or industry they are talking about, errors jump out at you. For example, I know quite a bit about the aviation and airline industry. You would not believe the pathetic errors that journalists make about those areas when often the answer is as far away as Wikipedia.

Anyway, my Google Alerts picked up an E3 review from a newspaper called the “Straits Times”. It seems to be based in Singapore for what that’s worth. Anyway, check out the opening few lines of the column Videogames getting minds of their own (emphasis mine)…

LOS ANGELES – VIDEOGAMES are getting smarter with virtual enemies improvising during battles, storylines shifting based on moral choices and in-game characters sending players text messages for help.
Titles unveiled at the just-concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles feature artificial intelligence (AI), making in-game worlds more realistic and less predictable.

Wow… games now feature artificial intelligence. That is soooo cool!


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