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"Behavioral Mathematics" Cover Finally Uploaded!

Well, the cover for my book “Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI” is finally uploaded to Amazon (and I assume other retailers as well). It was odd having that mysterious question mark there for so long. But I suppose when the book is on sale before you have even finished writing it, that’s the price you pay. Anyway, it’s nice to have it show up properly on the page, the best-sellers lists, and the Amazon ads.

Speaking of rankings lists, I have been floating anywhere between 3 and 20 on the “Hot new releases in ‘Game Programming’” list. I’ve even made a few appearances on the top 100 Game Programming books in the past few weeks. Once, I was as high as 57. It doesn’t last long, however. They update those sales figures and rankings every hour so it is very susceptible to fluctuation. I figure that I will do a little better now that I have a pretty cover picture on the sites. (I guess people would be skeptical of a book with no cover.)

For those of you who bounce out to the site, the book description and the bio are still not updated exactly as they are supposed to be. From what I understand, they will changed in the next week or so. They have been pushed out the Amazon, but it takes a while for those sorts of changes to updated. *shrug*

I do want to give a shout out to my colleague, Brian Schwab, who just released his second edition to AI Game Engine Programming in the past few months. I’m looking forward to picking that up soon. He deserves props for being the only new AI book ahead of me (for now!).

Anyway, I need to finish getting the downloads section ready for the book. There will be all sorts of nifty stuff in there. I hope you all find it valuable!

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