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"Behavioral Mathematics" Sales Rank Jump!

Alex Champandard over at AIGameDev.com posted a preview of my book last night. He had been waiting for Amazon to get the cover displayed before he did so. Well, AIGameDev has about 3600+ subscribers so it is understandable that a write-up would affect my Amazon sales rank. However, I was not expecting this when I woke up this morning!

As of this hour (9:30AM CST), I jumped up to 16,384 in the overall books category. When you figure that my previous high was 74,604 (after Alex posted a small blurb in his weekly link digest) and that most of my time is spent between 200,000 and 600,000, being around 16k doesn’t suck at all!

More importantly, I jumped up to #14 in Game Programming. I had only appeared on that list (100 books) 4 times in the past 2 weeks, no higher than 57th, and usually only for a few hours. Maybe this time I have some staying power.

I am also #2 in the “Hot New Releases of Game Programming. I had been #3 or 4 a few times, but this is a pretty fluid list. Again, however, it will be nice to see how high this climbs.

I figure the next few days should look pretty good as Alex’s post is only about 12 hours old. And it probably takes a while for 3600 people to get around to their RSS feeds. Either way, I want to thank Alex for his support and the shout-out on the book.

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