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Real-world Behavior/Bad Game AI: Doggie Pathfinding Fail!

Yet another video example courtesy of our dogs (and my somewhat mischievous kids). Obviously Jake is having pathfinding issues despite knowing where he wants to go and seeing his way out. If this were in a game, it would go up on YouTube as an example of bad game AI. So why not put it up there anyway?


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2 Responses to “Real-world Behavior/Bad Game AI: Doggie Pathfinding Fail!”

  1. kikito says:

    Skyrim dog :)

  2. gta 5 says:

    Flipante!! Unos muy coherentes puntos de opinion! Realmente seria muy bueno que tu redactaras mas articulos ademas casi todos los escritos de la
    weeb es bastante valioso.

    Chekea y ademas visita mi page- gta 5

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