RIPPL Sports - NFL Stats & Analysis

None of those messy opinions... just solid statistics.

Welcome to RIPPL Sports!

RIPPL is an NFL statistical analysis and prediction system that cuts through all the "gut feeling-based" prognostication. Instead, through mathematical formulas, RIPPL asks the question, "how well have they played and against whom?" The answers to those questions are provided for you in easy-to-understand figures, charts, graphs, and rankings.

Once RIPPL has broken down what makes teams tick, it glues those numbers back together to make predictions of upcoming games -- not just head-to-head but against the spread as well. The great thing is, as the season goes along, the amount of data that RIPPL uses increases exponentially! That means that the predictions get more accurate as we go along! If you want to learn more about RIPPL, head over to the "about" page.

The RIPPL site was active during the 2002 through 2004 seasons. It is being restarted in a new and improved fashion for the 2011 NFL season. Please bear with us while we scramble to put it back together.