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This is a list of the aircraft that are currently expected to be included in the game.  Many of these aircraft will have different cabin configurations to select from.  These will offer a variety of options including different classes of service (e.g. First, Business, Coach) and differences in seat pitch (leg room), seat width, and different entertainment and food service capabilities.  (Click on a linked aircraft to see the 3D animation that will be on the aircraft information page!  WARNING: AVI files are approx. 1.3 MB)

717-200 A300-600 EMB-120
727-200 A318 Dornier 328
737-200 A319 Saab 340
737-200C A320-200 ATR-42
737-300 A321 ATR-72
737-400 A330 AVRO RJ85
737-500 DC-10-10 CRJ-100
737-700 DC-10-30 CRJ-200
737-700LR DC-10-40 CRJ-700
737-800 DC-9-10 ERJ 135
737-900 DC-9-30 ERJ 140
747-200 DC-9-40 ERJ 145
747-400 DC-9-50 F100
757-200 DHC-8-100 B1900D
757-300 DHC-8-400 Bae 146-100
767-200 MD11 Bae 146-200
767-300 MD80 Bae 146-300
767-400 MD87 AVRO RJ70
777-200 MD90 AVRO RJ100


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