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(The following is the "back of the box" game play description)

OK… You just had to cancel your company’s flight from Houston to Los Angeles because the 757 that is scheduled to fly it is stuck in snow… in DETROIT. Thankfully your spare 757 just finished its regular overhaul and is now available at your maintenance facility… but that’s in INDIANAPOLIS. The only available equipment in Houston is a 737 that you can steal from a flight going to Buffalo… but that will only hold half the passengers for L.A. And what about the passengers for Buffalo? Maybe that same storm will close Buffalo as well and it won’t matter.

Well, you can’t spend too long thinking about that… somehow you managed to schedule 14 flights to arrive in Atlanta in the next 45 minutes… and you’ve only got 12 gates… and one of those has a delayed 757 for Detroit that isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon because of that blizzard. Too bad that plane’s not in Houston where you could really use it. 

Oh yeah… then there’s the fact that your two biggest competitors slashed their fares again in and out of Seattle and now you can’t seem to get your flights there more than half full. Do you cut your fares for a fifth time and risk losing money on the routes or is it time to just start cutting down your service to Seattle? Of course, what will your regional codeshare partner in the Pacific Northwest have to say about that? And then you will have to figure out how to use those planes somewhere else… you could sell off a couple of older DC-9s but the leases on those 2 new 717s are just too hefty to have the planes sitting around for long. Well, maybe it’s not too late to add some more seasonal flights to Orlando.

Good… another slow day at the office. Well… at least for now it is!

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