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In addition to being able to play against one or many computer opponents on your own.  There will also be the ability to play simple multiplayer with your friends over a LAN or the internet.  However, the most exciting multi-player action will be the persistent world that will be set up.  This method will allow players to connect to a server (or servers) hosting a continuously running world and competing against other player-run airlines.  

When a player starts his or her airline on this world, it stays there... constantly running whether the player is connected or not!  The player will then be able to log in using the standard Airline Traffic Manager interface or even a specifically designed web client so that the airline can be managed from any computer on the internet.  These worlds will be running at a set simulation speed (possibly 4x or 8x) which allows time for decisions to be made and yet moves at a rapid enough pace so one can see the results of those decisions.  

Since there would be long-term interaction with other players - and really no goal other than to build your airline to prosperity and stability - the opportunity to interact with those other players becomes a must.  There can be arrangements and agreements between airlines - just as there are in the real world.  These will be represented in the game by modeling such things as code sharing agreements that can be negotiated giving all the airlines involved a stronger and usually more convenient stance in the "eyes" of the passengers.

These online games will focus more on the strategic decision making such as route and schedule building and fare management rather than the more "tactical" decisions and management such as dealing with delays and cancellations.  This allows players who can't (or don't want to) be connecting at all hours of the day or night to be on relatively equal footing with other players.  The focus is then on managing the airline rather than managing the individual pieces. 

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