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NOTE:  These screenshots are from the demo of the game only!  They are only meant to give the user a look into the features of the game and the complexity of the game engine.  When Airline Traffic Manager goes into full production, a true game interface will be built from scratch.   Enjoy!

Last updated: February 17, 2008
(Most recent images are at the top.
Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image!)

Fleet Information Screens

City Screens for cities of different sizes

Field Information

Field information screens with arrivals and departures graphs, gate and runway information

Various Map Views showing Cities, Fields and Flights

Flight Passenger Manifests with Selected Passenger Itineraries

Acquiring Aircraft
Managing Fares

Schedule Views

Sample Airline Routes

These are sample route structures generated by the computer controlled airlines. They are based on the fleet structure of that particular airline - how many aircraft and what type. These routes will be completely different every time the game is run!

Sample Weather Systems

These are some examples of weather systems in the game. Every time the game is run, these will be different. Notice the sequenced images show the changes in a system over time as it moves. This algorithm will be fine-tuned later.


The Old Screen Shots

These are the screen shots from back in 2003-2004. I leave them up here just in case people have linked to them for some reason. As you can see above, much of the interface has been filled out since these were taken.

(thumb) City Info Display (Orlando) (thumb) Flight Details (thumb) Flight Details (with interlining)
(thumb) Fleet Display with Aircraft Assignments (thumb) Field Information with Activity Graph (thumb) Weather Display
(thumb) City Info Display (Chicago) (thumb) Flight Status Display (thumb) Airline Fleet Display
(thumb) Timetable view (thumb) Route Map (thumb) Morning in the east
(thumb) A hub at MSP (thumb) Mid-morning (thumb) South Central
(thumb) Noontime Action! (thumb) Full Map (thumb) 2:1 zoom
(thumb) 1:1 with Cities (thumb) 1:1 - Fields only (thumb) 1:2 Zoom
(thumb) 1:2 - Fields Only


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