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Post-GDC coma is lifting

I’m gradually getting caught up with all my GDC-related stuff. I have a stack of business cards that almost didn’t fit under the seat in front of me on the plane, tons of notes to sift through, etc. Oh yeah… AND I had to get back in sync with the real world such as it is in the Central time zone.

For those that haven’t glanced at IA on AI lately, the AI-related posts about GDC are going there. One is Soren Johnson’s lecture on his Civ 4 AI. The other is my (audio) interview with John Abercrombie of 2K Boston about the AI he did for Bioshock. There will be more as I wade through all my notes and memories of the last week. Specifically, I need to touch on Ray Kurzweil’s keynote, Damian Isla’s lecture on the Halo 3 AI, my brief interview with the guys from Kynogon about Kynapse 5, and my recap of the annual AI programmers’ dinner. (I will probably put non-AI related stuff in this blog.)

A lot of my info can be seen on the constantly updating GDC page I put up. Remember, you can see my GDC pictures here. Some of them suck because I had to go without flash which left the shutter open longer… thus the blur. Many of those were strictly for my notes, anyway.

Now that I have seen Soren’s lecture and had my interview with John, I will be updating Post-Play’em with my observations from their respective games. I also need to get into Halo 3 (if I have time) now that my step-daughter is distracted with the new Wii. I want to plow through that while Damian’s lecture is still in my head. I just don’t know if I can commit to it yet.

On a business note, we had some interest in the funding for Airline Traffic Manager that I need to pursue – so those of you who are fans, that’s good news. Remember, however, the process is often long. I know you have been waiting for the development to move forward in earnest – but it is not something that will happen next week.

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