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Dave Mark in new Kill Screen Magazine

Last summer, Dave was interviewed by Matt Shaer for the debut issue of a new game magazine, Kill Screen. The magazine bills itself as a “game magazine for grown ups” rather than the more juvenile fare that one finds in other game industry mags.

Issue #0 is going to be shipping in the next few weeks complete with a major feature story about the state of game AI and how it leads to deeper games. The primary focus of the conversation (and what brought Matt to Dave in the first place), is extensive discussion of the ongoing development work on Airline Traffic Manager as an example of an AI-based game.
It’s unfortunate that the story took so long to run (the interview was conducted in Father’s Day, 2009). Some of the information is a little out of date. For example, Matt talks about the lecture Dave did at “this year’s AI Summit” with Richard Evans and Phil Carlisle. That lecture, of course, was from last year’s 2009 AI Summit. By the time many people read this article, we will already be rolling out the 2010 AI Summit at GDC.
Regardless, some things are accurate… such as the fact that development work on Airline Traffic Manager is still stalled. We are now grumbling about this internally and are looking at restarting things – even if only on a part-time basis. More on that later.
Anyway, Dave was honored that Matt wanted to include him in the interview. We have see the full text of the article and it is well-written. Now we are just looking forward to seeing it in print for the first time!


2 Responses to “Dave Mark in new Kill Screen Magazine”

  1. Brennan Walter says:

    Thats great, but I still can't wait to actually play some ATM. Is there any time in the foreseeable future a playable demo would be available?

  2. Dave Mark says:

    Unfortunately, no. I am looking into restarting development – this time with a different (better) interface. However, a playable demo is still a long ways off even if I were to begin working on the game again today.


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