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New Host, WordPress, and Dead Email

Well, after beating my head against the wall, I’ve finally left my old web host and put this site on GoDaddy. I have to admit, I had no idea that really nifty integrated tools were out there. My earlier host was so bad that their support site wasn’t even debugged properly. The only thing that hasn’t worked out was switching my email over. The MX records can’t seem to make up their minds as to where they are pointing. Hopefully that will sort itself out by tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m not receiving any email. Please be patient.

Anyway, I have also begun the process of moving my 3 blogs on this site from Blogger to WordPress. Most of my time was spent on integrating WordPress into the site so that it looks seamless. I have finished the IA News blog and will due the other two fairly quickly now. Thankfully, the import tool from Blogger to WordPress works quite well.

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