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2011 GDC AI Summit

AI SummitA few months back, I was asked to once again be a co-advisor for the now annual AI Summit at the 2011 Game Developers Conference.

Steve Rabin and I set about putting together this year’s program back in September—a full 6 months before GDC. While we brought some ideas of our own, most of the content suggestions came from the collective thoughts of members of the AI Game Programmers Guild. After hundreds of fast-and-furious posts, we have almost completely crystallized what it is that will be in this year’s Summit.

Of the 12 sessions that we have alloted time for, we have submitted 8… 6 of which are already listed on the site. In this, our 3rd year, we are still coming up with new, relevant, and exciting material to present. We believe that it will once again be a great venue for not only broadly educational, but cutting-edge AI material.

Hope to see you there!

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