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Speaking at GDC China Again

gdcCN_logoForgot to mention that I¬†will be speaking at GDC China again this year. Because they are a little thin on AI content at GDC China, I proposed that I deliver my “Utility Mega Lecture” — a compilation of a variety of the lectures I’ve given on utility over the past 6 years. Here are the official details:

Creating Dynamic Character Behavior with Utility-Based AI

Traditional AI architectures such as finite state machines and behaviors trees have started to buckle under the weight of this complexity leading to huge workloads for designers and brittle, error-prone behaviors for the characters. The past 5 years has seen the rise of utility-based AI to help address this problem. Once used primarily in titles like The Sims or strategy games, utility methods have worked their way into the AI of other genres such as RPGs and shooters. This lecture explains utility-based AI and shows how to use it to create more expressive, responsive characters.

Included with this lecture is a description of the Infinite Axis Utility System that I debuted at the 2013 GDC AI Summit and have used with 3 different clients. I’m looking forward to presenting in Shanghai again and hope that this material is well-received!

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