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Dave Mark GDC/GameX Lecture Slides

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Lost in all my annoyance at the old blog issues, I never mentioned that I have created a page to hold the slides from my lectures in the past. These include:

2009 GDC AI Summit
Breaking the Cookie-Cutter: Modeling Individual Personality, Mood, and Emotion in Characters

2009 GDC Austin
Cover Me!: Promoting MMO Player Interaction through Advanced AI

2009 GameX Industry Summit
The Art of Game AI: Sculpting Behavior with Data, Formulas, and Finesse

2010 GDC AI Summit
Improving AI Decision Modeling Through Utility Theory
AI Devs Rant!

Some of these were joint lectures but only contain my content. The exceptions are the GameX one and the Utility Theory lecture. Both of those were joint with Kevin Dill. I have permission to use his content (as he does with mine).

I will continue to update that page as I do other lectures in the future.

Consulting for Project Aurora Games

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Intrinsic Algorithm has entered into a consulting contract with Project Aurora Games to provide AI design and programming services for their debut space-based title.

Project Aurora entered into discussions with Intrinsic Algorithm in October of 2009 after their Founder and Creative Director, Mbambu Miller, met Dave Mark at the 2009 GameX Industry Summit in Philadelphia.

Intrinsic Algorithm is excited about assisting in the creation of Project Aurora’s unique gameplay vision.

Returned from GameX Industry Summit

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I have returned from the GameX Industry Summit in Philadelphia. It was a small, but interesting event with a number of good speakers. I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Back from AIIDE and ready for GameX

Monday, October 19th, 2009

I returned from AIIDE over the weekend. You can follow the posts of my observations and session notes on IA on AI with the tag AIIDE 2009.

I will be leaving on Thursday for GameX in Philly where I am giving a lecture with Kevin Dill on “The Art of Game AI”. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m covering things like multi-attribute utility theory, response curves, and weighted randoms.

Dave Mark to speak at GameX Industry Summit

Friday, August 7th, 2009

I will be speaking along with Kevin Dill (Rockstar-New England) at the GameX Industry Summit in Philadelphia this October 24-25th. From the GameX site:

GameX Industry Summit is designed by industry professionals for industry professionals. It represents a deep and concerted production between the GameX production team and five IGDA chapters in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia, bringing together the best and the brightest of the video game industry, right in the middle of the rapidly expanding East Coast game industry.

Our lecture will be as follows:

The Art of Game AI: Sculpting Behavior with Data, Formulas, and Finesse

Whether designer, producer, or programmer, the term “game AI” summons visions of cold, sterile code. Programmers that deal in AI may be more specific in their definition by listing technical tools such as state machines, search or pathfinding algorithms, behavior trees, or planning architectures. While there is value in selecting the proverbial “right tool for the job,” in very few cases will simply using a chosen tool yield the behaviors that make our characters come alive. The life-magic that we breathe into our agents must come from the subtlety of the numbers, formulas, and relationships between data that we plug into those tools.

This lecture will explore the challenges that are involved in constructing realistic behaviors, the mindset that one must adopt to accurately model these behaviors, and the techniques that can be used to construct them. We will show that many of the decision techniques can often be applied to a project regardless of the underlying logical infrastructure. The attendee will leave with a broad summary of how to approach the artistry of constructing artificial behaviors – and will likely have adopted the annoying habit of assigning values and formulas to everything they see around them.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing the stage with my friend and colleague – and the tech editor of my book, Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI (God help him!) It should be a fun and informative hour of material.