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Legendary AI Trailer Video

I happened to see this trailer at GameVideos.com. It is from the upcoming game “Legendary” from Spark Unlimited and Gamecock Media Group. While you can’t garner too much from the video about the intelligence of the enemies, I did find it kinda groovy. What’s more, I think it is interesting that game studios are releasing video trailers that are specifically designed to showcase AI. Before, it was about the graphics, or the physics, or the storyline… but never the AI. Maybe we are on the cusp of an explosion in the AI world.

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3 Responses to “Legendary AI Trailer Video”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds awesome!

  2. Kofman says:

    I saw this video earlier in the week, and I agree it didn’t showcase much. But I used my imagination (stalking werewolves, interesting boss fights).

  3. Musoka says:

    dude I’m excited about the AI showcase that proves where the industry is going and i LOVE it! This makes Legendary worth checking out for me =3

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