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About a month or two ago, I launched something that I did not bother to mention here. Mostly, that is because I have been fairly busy with other things. Also, I have found that most of the small announcements that I have to make, I have been doing on Twitter. However, realizing that there are people who may subscribe to this blog, or visit in the future, that may not follow me on Twitter, I figured it was worth a mention here.

Over three years ago, Steve Rabin and I formed the AI Game Programmers Guild. However, it was only a few months ago that we decided that we needed to put up a web site. Actually, to be more accurate, we decided to put out a web site over a year ago. We just never got around to it. Thankfully, our good friend Steve Woodcock decided that he was no longer going to be able to keep up his website. He also had a really nifty domain name: GameAI.com. We initiated a transfer of the domain so that I could start taking care of it. All I then set about setting up the new web site for the guild.

The guild web site, has many links to all sorts of information. We are hoping to continue to expand that over the years. In particular, links to people’s presentations at places such as GDC will be hosted on there. Also, links two papers on artificial intelligence, especially in the game industry. There is a news feed on that site as well where I will announce as we enter more information over the course of time.¬†When appropriate, I will try to remember to cross-post on this blog as well.

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