Post-Play'em - Observations on Game AI

Bioshock interview and Civ 4 notes

Ok… this is kind of a Post-Play’em article. Check out my taped GDC interview with John Abercrombie, AI Lead on Bioshock over at IA on AI.

As I play further into the game, I will eventually post actual play observations. My interview has kinda spoiled the purity of my game experience, though. I know what to look for!

Also, I have posted my notes from Soren Johnson’s GDC lecture on the AI of Civ 4. It doesn’t get hardly at all into the actual mechanics of what they did (which I plan on doing in my Post-Play’em later) but rather covers how he tried to position the AI as somewhere between “good” (real) and “fun”.

Stay tuned for the actual Post-Play’em on that one!

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