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Sunday, December 9th, 2007

AIGameDev.comNot to distract attention from my blog, but my friend, colleague and co-author in AI Game Programming Wisdom 4, Alex Champandard of AIGameDev has a brilliant series of articles on his site. They are technical AI reviews of major games that are written in a bulleted sort of fashion such as “21 tips from [Title] to use in your game.”

Much of the time there are links to interviews or write-ups by the AI designers themselves that Alex uses to put together his lists. Often, that is where the true meat of the entry is. The content is definitely geared towards the programmer or designer, but much of it can be digested by the game enthusiast as well. The best part is if you have actually played the games as well so you can have a peek under the hood and see what was causing it to be so engaging.

Since Blogger allows me to paste in urls automatically, I’m going to cheat and paste links to each of the articles:

Anyway, after completely immersing yourself in the AI wonderland that is, please remember to stop back by here once in a while! :-) Alex would want it that way, too!