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Based in tech-heavy Omaha, NE, Intrinsic Algorithm L.L.C was founded in December 2001.  President and Lead Designer, Dave Mark has been programming since 1985 when he was in high school. Much to his teacher's dismay, he wrote his first text adventure on the school's DEC PDP-1144 minicomputer.

After a brief detour in the music business as a composer, arranger, and recording engineer, he re-entered the technology arena in 1995.  He worked in a variety of capacities including network design and rollout, web design and nation- and world-wide email systems, and before turning to business database application design and programming for Fortune 500 companies.

An avid game player since 1984 and a statistics addict for 30.142857 years (as of this writing), Dave has been analyzing and dissecting games for many years.  No longer content to sit idly by and say "I wish they would have done it this way!", Dave decided that it was time to take his passion for playing, his skill with programming, and his creativity for design and put them together into one package.  The result is the driving force behind Intrinsic Algorithm.

In March of 2009, Dave's book "Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI" was published by Charles River Media. The book explains methods for converting behaviors into mathematical and logical models for use in games.

Dave was also a contributor to the 2008 book, "AI Game Programming Wisdom 4" with his 13-page article, "Multi-Axial Dynamic Threshold Fuzzy Decision Algorithm" and the accompanying code on the CD.

In 2010, Game Programming Gems 8 with Dave's contribution, "Embracing Chaos Theory: Generating Apparent Unpredictability through Deterministic Systems" was released.

AIGPGDave is also a founding member of the AI Game Programmers Guild, is a co-organizer of the annual AI Summit at the Game Developers Conference, and has spoken at GDC Austin and the GameX Industry Summit.

Laurie Reynolds is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Intrinsic Algorithm. As the company has shifted more to consulting, her role in the day-to-day operations of the business has decreased.However, using her background and skills as a writer, she is also planning to be involved in some aspects of game design for the company as the focus shifts back to doing original games in the future.

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